New emissions tracking tool for customers

Tomsetts Distribution is a member of EV Cargo’s Palletforce network, and we were delighted to receive news of a new emissions tracking tool they have launched. EV Scope will monitor emissions associated with deliveries and give our customers the ability to report on emissions for every single consignment.

EV Cargo’s Palletforce is the first pallet network to use such an emissions tracking tool. This is, without a doubt, pioneering and value-added technology. We look forward to offering this emissions monitoring tool for future consignments to support our customers in reporting and reducing their scope 3 emissions, detailing the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), nitrogen oxides (NOx) sulphur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter (PM10) emissions.

EV Scope was launched by EV Cargo’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Virginia Alzina, who attended the COP27 in November to showcase their decarbonisation roadmap.

Kate Lovatt, Palletforce IT Director, said: “The launch of EV Scope sees Palletforce once again lead the way as the first pallet network to offer this level of information and we continue to arm our members with sector-leading technology to further drive customer service levels and reduce environmental impact.

“Many of our members have customers that are required to report on their emissions and EV Scope will help them easily access the live data for each consignment and support their individual decarbonisation and sustainability targets.”

Palletforce is working to becoming net zero across scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and is working alongside it’s members to significantly reduce scope 3 emissions.

  • EV Scope tracks emissions associated with all network deliveries
  • Easily generate reports for individual consignments
  • EV Scope reporting tool exclusive to Palletforce members

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