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Working towards a cleaner, greener distribution service

Tomsetts Distribution are committed to providing you with the greenest possible distribution service, working towards the highest standards in the industry.

New Emissions Tracking

Our Palletforce network is working towards net zero across scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and is working alongside members to reduce Scope 3 Emissions significantly. Their latest emissions tracking tool is inspiring. We are excited to be a member of the first pallet network to offer this new technology, allowing customers to record emissions for every consignment.

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Focus on the environment

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are a Silver member of ‘Steps to Environmental Management’ (STEM).

Reducing our impact on the environment

We constantly renew our fleet to deliver the best possible fuel efficiency. We are committed to Euro 6 diesels, the cleanest diesel engines, and we comply with the UK and Euro emission standards.

We have optimised route planning and double-deck trailers with aerodynamic profiles to improve efficiency and minimise mileage. Our trailers are slightly longer, giving us an extra 15% capacity and we group loads between customers. Our drivers are also trained to cut idling engines at any opportunity. In addition, we have installed led lighting at our depot and offices.  

Six good environmental reasons to use a pallet network company

  1. The network model minimises congestion on busy UK roads.
  2. 98% just-in-time reliability
  3. Networks reduce trucks on UK roads by around 800 a day.
  4. Network trucks operate 73% full compared to an industry average of 51%.
  5. End customers are nearly always located within 6 miles of a network member.

Ask us about our Environmental Policy.

We’ve created an ambitious Environmental Policy covering how we run our business that reflects that of the Road Haulage Association..

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