Plasson UK Ltd Case Study

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Company background

Plasson UK Ltd, a market leader in producing plastic water pipe fittings, has worked with Tomsetts Distribution Ltd since the late 90s. Richard, Operations Manager from Plasson, said, ‘We have built a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products, meeting the strictest standards in all areas of activity. Quality is the key concept in all Plasson’s processes, from development and design through production, assembly, packaging, distribution, delivery, and after-sales services.’

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Benefits of working with a good logistics partner

Plasson’s main priority with a logistic partner is service level. As a large company with a reputation to uphold, customers often rely on next-day delivery. If, for any reason, this is not possible, or if there are any delays, communication is vital.

‘Tomsetts provide us with excellent service in both areas,’ said Richard. ‘We have been working with the company since the late 90s, and our operations team has a long-standing relationship with the whole team. This gives us the confidence that everyone at Tomsetts can be relied upon to give accurate and up-to-date information and have a good attitude when resolving any issues.’

Tomsetts Distribution pick up from Plasson UK

Reliability and trustworthiness

Richard explained, ‘The partnership has been successful due to Tomsetts’ reliability and trustworthiness and their competitive pricing. Our main priority for a logistics partner is service level. Tomsetts Distribution provides excellent service in both communication and timely delivery.

Plasson provides a high service level to their customers, many of whom rely on a next-day service for products such as mains water pipe fittings and accessories. Obviously, price is important (another positive aspect of working with Tomsetts), but our overwhelming consideration is reliability.’

When challenges have arisen, Tomsetts have gone above and beyond to quickly address these and find a solution ensuring that disruption was minimal.

Plassons pallets
Tomsetts truck being loaded

Plasson highly recommends Tomsetts Distribution Ltd for their exceptional service, reliability, and willingness to go the extra mile to meet their customer’s needs.

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“The reason this partnership has lasted so long is the reliability and trust we have in Tomsetts.” 

Richard Runalls, Plasson UK Ltd