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Pallets and freight delivered to Europe.

Tomsetts Distribution are members of Palletforce with 120 depots in the UK, superhubs and an extensive European network with local depots and expertise. We can import and export freight to most European countries and simplify your customs clearance and documentation.

If you are shipping pallets to destinations in the UK and Europe, we can collect them together, offering a cost-effective and reliable service.

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Fast quotes for pallet deliveries to Europe and Ireland

Tomsetts Distribution can provide quick and competitive quotes for shipping your pallets to any European destination.

Whether you are regularly importing or exporting or have the occasional delivery to Europe, we’ll plot the smoothest, and most cost-effective route, without a fuss. You’ll get a fixed quote for pallet deliveries and a quick conversation for more complex loads.

Full track and traceability for your goods

You’ll enjoy full track and traceability overland, with our online system or texts on your phone, as you prefer. Or you can call us and talk directly to our operations team.

No need to pre-book your pallets far in advance

Because we use the same fleet to pick up and deliver domestic and European deliveries, there’s no need for long lead times or special slots. It’s just part of our standard distribution service. 

International pallet delivery services to Europe, Northern Ireland and worldwide

We have clients whose deliveries to Europe differ each month. Our flexibility and daily services through a European superhub make their consignments easy to manage.

We have other clients who import from Europe. We can undertake the customs clearances for you and quickly get your goods to their destinations.

Customs paperwork for import and export

If you are new to importing and exporting, our experienced team can explain the requirements for transporting goods. We even have specialist support and cost-effective options making it easy for you to trade with new emerging markets and grow your business. In addition, sending freight overseas via our services will free up your time to run your business more effectively.

High-quality, competitive pallet delivery services

Clients can be confident that their consignments are safely routed through a superhub. The Palletforce network is powered by award-winning technology. Everything is monitored, scanned, photographed, checked and weighed. So you get complete visibility every step of the journey and excellent service.

Pallet Delivery to Europe is fast, efficient and affordable.

Tomsetts offer a complete range of options for shipping your pallets from the UK to Europe. In addition to EU countries such as Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Germany, we regularly send to Scandinavia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Our shipments travel as road freight but can travel as air freight or sea freight.

If you only have a single pallet, we offer groupage services which means that your consignment will be grouped with other pallets for those destinations. They will be carefully packed onto a container or truck, and sharing the transport cost with other pallets can be an economical way to ship your goods.

Groupage to the most popular countries works on a similar timescale. You can still have a business-to-business delivery, which works well for the smaller manufacturers or those just starting on their export journeys and having smaller loads.

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