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Encouraging Eco-Friendly Transport Solutions

Encouraging eco-friendly transport solutions for your goods.

It is a large industry to move goods, but as climate conservation gains importance, it might be time to consider better approaches. Could pallet networks be the answer to more eco-friendly transport solutions?

Pallet networks are key to more sustainable solutions.

In the grand scheme of things, pallet networks have only recently been part of the logistics industry, created to make distribution a more convenient and affordable option. The hub-and-spoke model was introduced to enhance the last-mile delivery service and to cut down expenses. It has an additional advantage of minimizing the environmental consequences of delivering goods by providing an eco-friendly transport solution.

At the centre of our hub-and-spoke model, we have the Palletforce superhub. Here, freight is gathered before being delivered. Member companies take the freight from their local areas, then drive it to the hub to unload the outbound pallets. When the journey is reversed, the inbound pallets get loaded back onto the same vehicle and transported to the member depots to be distributed in their local region.

Networks reduce the number of trucks on the road by approximately 800 a day.

According to the Association of Pallet Networks, the rearrangement and amalgamation of freight by pallet networks leads to an average vehicle fill of 73%, compared to an industry average of 51% for other parts of the road freight industry. This means that approximately 800 vehicles are taken off the roads every day, reducing both noise and congestion. With less mileage being driven, fewer fossil fuels are burned, and fewer toxins are released into the air.

The cooperation of network members is an absolute necessity. When several members work together and collaborate, it results in a decreased carbon footprint for your business, thus aiding in assuaging any worries regarding the environment.

Economical shipping services and more cost-effective.

Pallet networks are not only more eco-friendly, but they are also more economical than other shipping services. Efficiency is the key and makes distribution more cost-effective.

Green transport solutions.

As a transport company for over 45 years, we are continuing to implement more green solutions. Our network is working towards net zero across scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and is working alongside members to reduce Scope 3 Emissions significantly.

The latest initiative is a new emissions tracking tool which will allow customers to record emissions for every consignment. Tomsetts are excited to be a member of the first pallet network to offer this new technology.

For individuals or companies searching for a trustworthy, expeditious, and environmentally friendly way to transport freight all over the UK please contact us for more details or fill in our contact form and we will swiftly get back to you.